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VPA Apparel

In a mission to assist others in living a fulfilling and active life, VPA launches a new activewear brand with a multi-channel marketing campaign. A total of 33 videos and 50 photos were delivered for this Integrated Marketing Campaign.

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0:60 seconds

Hero Video

An emotive Hero Video, both hosted on their ecommerce store and served as Youtube preroll, achieved broad awareness for the brand. Depicting the male and female apparel in action, the content delivers VPA’s messaging that they offer “The right gear for your fitness journey”.

3 x 0:60 Second Hero Ads delivered for VPA’s website and social media channels (Instagram, Vertical, Facebook).

0:30 seconds

Segmented Ads

Leveraging data insights gained from supplement sales via their ecommerce store, VPA harnessed existing audiences to deliver targeted advertising based on demographics (age, gender and location). With a duration of 0:30 each, these segmented ads were delivered on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

3 x 0:30 Second Segmented Ads (Male)

3 x 0:30 Second Segmented Ads (Female)

0:15 & 0:06 seconds

Recall Ads

A comprehensive retargeting strategy to drive website conversion rates saw the execution of 24 media assets for VPA. Showcasing the clothing within interior and exterior settings, video production formats were tailored for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube advertising.

12 x 0:15 Second Content Ads
12 x 0:06 Second Recall Ads


Ecommerce Photography

Premium, high-contrast product photography showcases VPA’s latest collection within their online store. 

Location Photography

High-speed photography taken outdoors in Melbourne presents the products in movement, enabling the customer to imagine themselves wearing the apparel.

Studio Photography

With control over all lighting conditions, studio photography enabled VPA to execute dynamic, creative images to differentiate their brand from competitors.

Services Provided

Creative Strategy

Identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and KPIs.

Creative Content

Formation of the creative treatment, script, copywriting and campaign concept.

Video Production

Provision of pre-production, production and post-production video services.


Delivery of photographic assets to support the client’s content marketing activities.

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