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Melbourne Video Production

Travlr Launch Video Campaign

Combining a Company Overview video with regional launch videos in New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia, booking platform “TRAVLR” captures the attention of millennial travellers in this comprehensive marketing campaign.

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Production Overview

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Travlr is an end to end travel booking platform that allows users to book their entire trip with just a few clicks. Whilst currently in their beta testing stage the company has received notable publicity and investment for their industry disrupting technology.

The platform comes from the great minds and creators of The Bali Bible, who have sought to take advantage of both forecasted growth within the market and its strong human capital. Travlr sought video production as marketing tool to deliver its unique identity to its varied stakeholder base.

TRAVLR is the world’s most advanced travel tech platform enabling better travel experiences as you discover, plan, book and experiencing your next travel adventure.

Presenting an overview of the brand alongside a coherent, emotionally engaging video production that simplifies the complex next digital technology into an easy to understand video execution allowed Travlr’s initial video campaign to be positioned as an approachable and inspirational brand.

This campaign sought to capture the moments where people go through the actions of the five stages of travel (Dream, Plan, Book,Experience and share). Depicting people in relatable scenes such as dreaming of travel on the commute home from work allow for a human narrative to be portrayed.

With a sprinkle of influencer appearances combined with captivating cinematic visuals this initial video marketing campaign for Travlr needed to balance information with engagement.

Client: Travlr
Creative & Copywriting: Patrick Hassall & Heath Garvey
Production Company: Enamoured Iris
Directed/Produced: Patrick Hassall
Voice Over: Alex Jones-Roberts
Production: Enamoured Iris
Special thanks: Ben Tucker

Campaign length: Four Weeks
Page views: 1,776,477
Total Web Users: 529,531
User Sign ups: 19,016
Trips planned: 13,269

Services Provided

Creative Strategy

Identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and KPIs.

Creative Content

Formation of the creative treatment, script, copywriting and campaign concept.

Video Production

Provision of pre-production, production and post-production video services.


Delivery of photographic assets to support the client’s content marketing activities.

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