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Topdeck Travel / Laneway Festival

A rite of passage for 18 – 30 year-olds, global tour company Topdeck Travel partnered with Australia’s Laneway Festival to deliver an immersive travel experience in virtual reality.

The epic experience took the viewer on an odyssey through key destinations for the travel brand, namely the United States, Japan, Egypt and Croatia. In each mind-blowing destination an original, stereoscopic sound mix complements the visuals.

The experience was rendered to viewers via cordless VR headsets while the viewer sat onboard an enormous yellow school bus at Laneway Music Festival. The virtual reality installation followed each stage of the festival, shown to patrons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle.

Production: This project was an epic collaboration between Smoosh CreativeOrganic Photo & VR & Aeroplane Agency.

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