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Phillip Island Tourism

In collaboration with Instant Crush Creative, Enamoured Iris produced two television commercials for Phillip Island Tourism.

Complemented with paid social advertising, the commercials targeted two Victorian audience segments, Young Adults (aged 25 – 35) and Young Families (aged 35 – 45).

From penguin viewing to speedboat riding, the commercials recreated the diverse experiences available on the island while appealing to the unique interests of each segment.

Production Overview

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In the enviable position of drawing tourists from around the world, Phillip Island’s regional tourism board was confronted with the question, “with an audience so broad, how do we advertise?” The solution was “Naturally Playful”; a campaign that appealed to the fun-loving side of the audience.

This creative approach was strengthened through a robust distribution strategy, namely content segmentation, multiple channels and programmatic ad spend.

Client: Destinations Philip Island (Regional Tourism Board)
Director: Paddy Hassall
DOP: Josef Gatti
Producer: Ines Guarda
Photographer: Michael Woods
Production Assistant: Zac Dorio
Set Assistant: Octavio Hernandez
Editor: Kate Tartsus
Assistant Editor: Alejandro Aristizabal
Cast: William & Jasmine Emmons, Liam Geduld, Sarcha Braund

Full-service photography

Professional photography services to support Phillip Island Tourism in both travel magazines and social media marketing.

Services Provided

Creative Strategy

Identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and KPIs.

Creative Content

Formation of the creative treatment, script, copywriting and campaign concept.

Video Production

Provision of pre-production, production and post-production video services.


Delivery of photographic assets to support the client’s content marketing activities.

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