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360 Video Production

With an innovative collaboration between Eventbrite, The Untitled Group and established Melbourne music venue Yah Yahs, Enamoured Iris produces an immersive 360 video production that livestreams a musical performance nationally.

Performed both before a live audience and streamed via VR compatible platforms Facebook and Youtube, the event pushed the boundaries of a musical performance; making the performance from Owl Eyes accessible to anyone within Australia.

“Leveraging the power of VR technology, we’ve transformed an intimate local gig into a global live experience. From reaching new fans to overcoming touring’s notorious ‘East Coast Curse’, there is enormous potential for technologies like VR to change the way fans experience live music. Working alongside our long-term partners Cult Leader and Untitled Group, we’re excited to continue driving innovation in live music and delivering a best-in-class experience for fans, both in-person and online.”

Read more about the event via the Eventbrite Blog.


Behind The Scenes

A first in Melbourne, this enormous technical feat was made possible through the combined talents of several camera and audio technicians. Learn more about the sold out event and the 360 video production in this behind the scenes peak.

Services Provided

Creative Strategy

Identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and KPIs.

Creative Content

Formation of the creative treatment, script, copywriting and campaign concept.

Video Production

Provision of pre-production, production and post-production video services.


Delivery of photographic assets to support the client’s content marketing activities.

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