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ECHT Apparel

With a vision to challenge traditional fitness marketing, ECHT enlists Enamoured Iris to deliver seasonal omnichannel video content marketing campaigns that showcase new products, convert sales and champion the brand’s agile and fun philosophy.

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Video commercial for Echt Apparel from Melbourne video production company, Enamoured Iris
Campaign #5


Building on the modernist aesthetic developed for ECHT’s “Future” campaign, Enamoured Iris fused high-speed cinematography with choreographed movement (from both humans and robots) to create a glorious high-concept commercial. Strapping a Phantom 4K camera to a giant robotic arm, motion control unleashed compelling images of the Echt’s latest collection in flight.

2 x 0:30 second hero videos, 2 x 0:15 second promos and 1 x 0:06 recall advertisement. Delivered in a range of formats (16:9, 9:16, 5:4).

Campaign #4


Celebrating a new collection, ECHT apparel is transformed into an interactive piece of art. Framing the clothes as playful and energetic, explosions of paint reveal the new colours, textures and designs offered in their latest range.

Tailored for social media, Echt’s product-turn-art-collection comprised a total of 4 video formats.

Campaign #3


With the launch of a new apparel line, ECHT apparel adopted advanced customer segmentation strategies and multi-channel video marketing. Targeting millennial Australian males and females interested in health and fitness, Enamoured Iris developed a neo-modern video production concept before crafting crafted a pool of platform specific content to support the campaign’s scale.

A total of 30 image assets were delivered for Echt’s “Future” Video Marketing Campaign.

Model wearing ECHT apparel in a video advertisement
Campaign #2


To showcase the comfortability of their casual collection, ECHT apparel brought out the feathers for their winter wear campaign. Combining intimate closeups of the premium materials with intimate closeups of the model, the creative video production conveyed the sensations of warmth, luxury and relaxation.

Campaign #1

“Do Different”

Iconic Melbourne based health and fitness apparel brand ECHT launches a multi-channel video marketing campaign to promote the launch of seasonal clothing.

Optimising for audiences on each platform, Enamoured Iris delivered a total of 8 assets for the Do Different Campaign. With native formats delivered for each Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, video exports comprised a combination of 16:9, 1:1, 4:5 in 6 second, 15 second, and 40 second versions.

Campaign length: Four Weeks
Total Impressions: 510,530
CPC: $0.02

Behind The Scenes

ECHT apparel breaks the fourth wall to capture awareness.

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Services Provided

Creative Strategy

Identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and KPIs.

Creative Content

Formation of the creative treatment, script, copywriting and campaign concept.

Video Production

Provision of pre-production, production and post-production video services.


Delivery of photographic assets to support the client’s content marketing activities.

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