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Video Production For Educational Providers

Achieve your educational mission with video production and digital learning design tailored for Australian educational organisations.
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Content Marketing

Video marketing strategy, video SEO strategy, video promotion and paid distribution.

Learning Design

Digital learning consultancy for designing video-based content for educational LMS systems.

Media Production

Photography, video production, virtual reality installations and live event streaming.

Owl Approach

Promote Human Potential

Traditional educational models leave everyone in silos. Taking a bottom-up approach, we believe in unifying Learning Design, Course Content Creation and Marketing. Working with educators to build effective digital learning materials, we then optimise marketing communications to engage with prospective students.

Case Study

OLMC Heidelberg

Looking to increase enrolments by differentiating the institution from competitors, OLMC sought to reaffirm the school’s commitment to fostering independence. Producing an ecosystem of assets that would combine long form, testimonial and promotional content, this integrated video marketing campaign became the cornerstone of the school’s enrolment and marketing activities.

Displayed on a combination of owned and earned media channels in addition to school tours, the campaign establish credibility and built trust with prospective parents.


A Bird’s Eye View

Memorable video production and content marketing for travel and lifestyle brands, produced by our talented team at The Owlery.

Marketing Objectives

Two Birds, One Stone

Hit your marketing objectives by merging owl content strategy and video production services.


Let’s Hatch An Idea

Video production plans to suit every travel and lifestyle brand.


Build your brand’s nest with video and photo assets delivered to you weekly.

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Grow with monthly content marketing cycles featuring video and photo assets.

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Fly with a monthly content marketing plan, video production and distribution.

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