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Video Production For Consumer Goods

From Restaurants to FMCG, go global with video production and video content marketing services tailored for consumer goods.
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Content Marketing

Video marketing strategy, video SEO strategy, video promotion and paid distribution.

Media Production

Creative and corporate video production services, studio and event photography.

New Media

Virtual Reality installations, live event streaming and immersive 360 video production services.

Owl Approach

Build A Lifestyle Brand

We believe consumer brands are greater than the sum of their products. Approaching every company as if it were an aspirational lifestyle brand, we marry business objectives with cinematic storytelling. The result is video content marketing that inspires, guides, and motivates consumers to cement products at the centre of their life.

Case Study
Case Study #1

Atlas Dining

Partnering with Atlas Dining on several campaigns, Enamoured Iris has captured attention with dynamic storytelling and cinematic visuals. A taste of the campaigns include:

Promotional video production showcasing the restaurant’s rotating list of international cuisine.

Content marketing for a South American travel series produced in collaboration with LATAM Airlines.

Television production for a series following the restaurant’s iconic head chef in his discovery of new flavours.

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Case Study #2

Made Group

With a Melbourne manufacturing facility, a national distribution network and product lines as diverse as NutrientWater, Cocobella and Whole Protein Breakfast Smoothies, Made Group’s brands are perhaps some of Australia’s most recognisable beverages.

Partnering with Enamoured Iris, Made Group harnesses video content marketing to launch new line extensions, sustain product differentiation and communicate key messages to stakeholders.

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A Bird’s Eye View

Memorable video production and content marketing for consumer brands, produced by our talented team at The Owlery.

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Marketing Objectives

Two Birds, One Stone

Hit your marketing objectives by merging owl content strategy and video production services.


Let’s Hatch An Idea

Video production plans to suit every consumer brand.


Build your brand’s nest with video and photo assets delivered to you weekly.

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Grow with monthly content marketing cycles featuring video and photo assets.

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Fly with a monthly content marketing plan, video production and distribution.

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