Six Second Sundays


Capitalising on diminishing attention spans and hunger for video content.

Not only used in Youtube bumpers, six second video content has made its way to Instagram, Facebook and video sharing websites where attention is scarce and eyeballs are plentiful.

Every Sunday we produce and publish a six second advertisement for a randomly selected Marketing Manager or Small Business Owner. Entrants are randomly selected and notified that they are the week’s lucky winner.

Our challenge comes in the form limiting the pre and post-production to a single hour; using only stock or owned footage. One hour is spent planning and creating on Wednesday, and one hour is spent writing the case study that will serve as the blog post content. Once finished, the winner receives an invitation to our client portal where their video is hosted.


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  • Opportunity

    A branded six second video is delivered to the winner and published on our social channels.

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    Anyone can enter via our competition entry page. 

  • Guidelines

    To be in the running you must be a marketing manager or business owner.

Meet our content curator!

Welcome to the Enamoured Iris Owlery.

‘Within the confines of this page the methodical wisdom of our owls is abandoned as creativity is hatched, dreams mate with ideas and innovation grows. Such wildly creative thoughts must be held here in captivity while they mature, lest they compromise the flight of our commercial ventures’. &nbsp Dr. Wiseman 2019.

Dr Wiseman, Life Coach, Petting Zoo Star of the Year (’98) and winner of the Softest Feathers Award (’91-’93) has recently had his wings clipped and has chosen to settle for the job of both Creative Director and Head of Engagement at Enamoured Iris.

Infinitely wise yet sporadicly senile, this is his curated nest.