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Video Animation Packages

From basic 2D graphics to complex 3D animations, Enamoured Iris offers a selection of animated content for every price.

Why animated videos?

Animated videos are an effective way to communicate complex messages. Whether 2D, 3D or a combination of both, simplifying information heavy subjects with video animation is an engaging and cost effective approach to video marketing.

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Hunting for insights, we identify your objectives, target audience, key messaging, voice and call to action.

Audience identification
Communication objectives
Creative strategy
Messaging & tone


With owl-like focus, we design and develop innovative digital experiences that resonate with your audience.



We build emotive, informative and engaging motion graphics to immortalise your brand in the mind of the viewer.

2D Animation
3D Animation
Stop motion
Animation / live action mix

Premium 3D animated videos

Price: $15,000+

3D animation is the art of generating three dimensional objects within a digital environment. Capable of conveying depth, the heart of 3D animation lies in its visual complexity. A large expense with 3D animation is the complexity in layering, texturing and rendering of graphics.

Premium 2D Animation

Price: $15,000+

Defined as the illusion of movement across a two-dimensional plane, premium 2D animation combines complex transitions with easy to follow motion graphics. Premium 2D video animation is commonly used in animated explainer videos.

Standard 2D Animations

Price: $7,000 – $15,000

Standard 2D animation offers the narrative elements of Premium 2D animation in a shorter format. A creative, cost effective way to deliver branded communications, this format is commonly seen in Product Animations, Stop Motion Video and Explainer Videos.

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Starter 2D Animations

Price: $3,000 – $7,000

Entry-level 2D animation communicates many of the emotional qualities of more complex 2D animation on a smaller budget. This tier is tailored for logo stings, animated typography and videos featuring a combination of motion graphics and live action.