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Live Video Streaming

Live production services for broadcast and live event streaming video production.
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Why live video streaming?

Live video streaming is fuel for an on-demand culture. Cost effective, accessible and capable of reaching a global audience, live event video production enables brands to develop intimacy with fans in real-time.

How it works

What are the applications for live streaming services?events?production?video?

The hallmark of the online education industry, virtual classrooms provide a degree of flexibility and scale unavailable to face-to-face learning. As relevant for educational organisations as it is for fitness studios, high quality visuals and technical support ensure brands maintain their premium aesthetic. 

From funerals to festivals, live broadcast production of events provides a personalised, VIP viewing experience to a global audience. Live video streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Vimeo Livestream enable fast and stable streaming of your content.

Designed for large organisations, live streaming for web conferencing enables corporate presentations to be delivered effortlessly.

From virtual tours of real estate showrooms to interactive walkthroughs in the travel and tourism industry, live video streaming services deliver personalised viewing experiences for brand communities.

Live streaming applications
Live video streaming mix desk

How does live video streaming work?

All you need to produce live streaming video is an audience, a stable internet connection and a video production team. Using live production cameras we will deliver streams to platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube Live and Vimeo Livestream as either public or private broadcasts.

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