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360 Video Production Services

Project your brand as a market leader and deliver memorable brand experiences with immersive 360 video production.
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Owl Approach

Immersive Brand Stories

Pairing cinematic storytelling with technological expertise, 360 Video Production enables brands to deliver intimate, immersive experiences that create positive associations with customers.

Case Study
Case Study


Performed both before a live audience and streamed nationally via VR compatible platforms Facebook and Youtube, this immersive 360 video production event pushed the boundaries of a musical performance; making the performance accessible to anyone within Australia (read more).

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A Bird’s Eye View

Memorable 360 video production and immersive content marketing strategy for travel and lifestyle brands, produced by our talented team at The Owlery.


Let’s Hatch An Idea

360 video production plans to suit every travel and lifestyle brand.


Build your brand’s nest with video and photo assets delivered to you weekly.

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Grow with monthly content marketing cycles featuring video and photo assets.

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Fly with a monthly content marketing plan, video production and distribution.

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Using the highest resolution, professional 360 video camera rig available on the market, Enamoured Iris can produce immersive branded content from live events, activations or scripted content.

For more information about our video production equipment, see our gear list inventory.

360 video experiences can be both uploaded to and livestreamed on popular video sharing websites such as Youtube and Facebook. Alternatively, customers can watch 360 video via a compatible VR headset such as the Oculus Go or Oculus Rift.

Enamoured Iris provides 360 headsets for customers where an event or installation is required.

Not only is 360 video production a tremendous opportunity for a brand to project itself as innovative, it also allows you to remove a prospect from the present into a world in which your brand is at the centre.

Such immersive experiences are a powerful marketing tool at Exhibitions, Showrooms and Trade Shows where you where you’re face to face with prospects.