Hub Video Campaign

Drawing inbound traffic, nurturing customer engagement and maintaining top-of-mind awareness requires effort. Whether it be a video blog, a videos series or snippets supporting written articles, publishing regular and relevant video content that can be “pushed” to an interested audience is a core element of a video content strategy.

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2 Weeks +
Estimated on a full pre-production / production / post-production process


Content Strategy & Metrics
Creative Content
3 – 5 videos (90 – 3 minutes in length)
2 Rounds of amendments


Project cost $5K – $10K (multiple videos)*

* Fees vary considerably based on marketing objectives & budget

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Client Success Stories

Example #1

Consumer good

Organic crushed juice company Impressed Juices sought to creatively communicate the ‘cold pressing process’ of its product range through the authentic voices of local Melbourne farmers.

Read more about our series of hub video content produced for Impressed Juices.

Services Provided

  • Production
  • Post Production

Example #2


Given carte blanche to create a series of experimental videos tailored for Instagram and Facebook, Enamoured Iris drove anticipation and secured pre-release ticket sales for Australian music festival, Beyond the Valley.

View our hub video production for Beyond the Valley in closer detail.

Services Provided

  • Creative
  • Copy of Production
  • Post Production

Example #3

Consumer Good

Powder blues, rich greens and creamy whites project the delicious dairy products produced by the client in these hub videos pushed through the client’s social channels.

Discover more about our hub video campaign for Rokeby Farms.

Services Provided

  • Creative
  • Production
  • Post Production
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Video Production Campaign Types

Hub video campaigns serve an integral part of a client’s broader marketing objectives.
Read more about the differences between the campaign types and view our client successes below.


Powerful, emotionally charged and high profile – consider Hero content your video marketing Superhero.


The reliable beating heart of a brand, hub content is regular, engaging content pumped out via the brand’s social media arteries.


Responsible for maintaining the squeaky clean credibility of a brand, hygiene content is a valuable, informative consumer touch point.