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Creative, results-driven video

Enamoured Iris delivers highly creative, measurable video content in the form of a campaign.
We believe high quality content must be delivered strategically and in volume to yield business results.

Small and medium sized businesses need video like our video editors need sunlight and Carpel Tunnel wrist wraps. In an age of distraction where the real currency is attention, video must be timely, relevant and engaging if it is to deliver on business objectives. But above all, consistency of both content and message is fundamental to maintain a sustained brand presence sustained awareness and interest amongst an audience.

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What is a campaign?

Campaign Definition

At its core, a campaign meets business objectives by combining insight and creativity with volume. Using Youtube’s proven model of content delivery, marketing objectives are met through a combination of Hero, Hub or Help video content that is pushed to the client’s owned, earned and paid channels. Alongside supporting content (video, images and copy), they are collectively delivered to audiences in a planned, strategic manner.

Imagine if…

… your audience was interacting with your brand on the same platform, at the same time of the day and reliably performed the same purchasing behaviours regardless of the video content you pushed. Life would be easy; you’d be sipping White Russians on a beach in the Greek Islands and wiping sweat off your tanned physique with the crisp profile of $100 Benjamin Franklins.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Media consumption behaviours are fragmented across channels and audience behaviours evolve faster than the bacteria in your White Russian when left in the sun.

Preparing for success

Preparing for success means crafting both content strategy and content that is calculated, unique, measurable and sustained. You can’t push a single video to a generic audience and hope for the best. Regular video campaigns which evolve with the needs, interests and behaviours of your audience is the only way to achieve that Greek Islands dream.



Capstone, tentpole events aimed at driving mass awareness. Examples include product launches, large events and conferences. View our past hero video campaigns.

  • Generate mass awareness
  • Sustained brand presence
  • Maintain customer loyalty


Entertaining, regular content pushed to a specific, interested audience segment that keeps them coming back. View our past hub video campaigns.

  • Sustained brand awareness
  • Excellent for driving traffic
  • Segment specific


Content tailored for customer search queries that establishes brand credibility. View our past help video campaigns.

  • Generate awareness
  • Complements SEO strategy
  • Maintain brand loyalty

Single Video vs. Campaign

Single Video

While Enamoured Iris has created some highly engaging, standalone video content for clients, we love seeing them succeed. A single video won’t yield ongoing benefits to a business, hence we encourage clients to consider running a campaign.

  • Compelling content
  • Unlikely to change audience behaviour
  • Copy of Only measures vanity metrics


Running a single campaign type or a combination of campaigns simultaneously is the greatest means to ensure both marketing and business objectives are achieved.

  • Compelling content told across multiple channels
  • Can encourage behavioural change
  • Measurable KPIs

See our client campaigns.

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Components of a Campaign

The fuel that propels video content in a marketing campaign begins well before a cinematographer appears on set.

  • Content Strategy

    An initial client chemistry meeting yields valuable information leading to the formation of a media brief and development of the content strategy. The adoption of creative methodologies in the strategic process allows for more innovative approaches to client marketing needs; effectively guiding the identification of marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and key performance indicators.

  • Creative Content

    The core brand insight identified in our creative strategy guides the creation of dynamic creative content. Intensive research, concept development, copywriting and treatment of the single minded proposition leads to a campaignable concept that can serve as an ongoing integrated marketing campaign. Moving across both strategy and production within this process enables the creative concept to reflect our original insight while also informing us what is possible.

  • Video Production

    Location scouting, auditioning, script writing and assembling a production crew in pre-production, we then direct and produce the spot on set. Our faithfulness to the original branded concept ensures it is translated across every area of production.

  • Post Production

    Having faithfully reproduced the spot in production, we then edit and project manage the post production process through to completion. Working with client campaign budgets, our networked business model accommodates colour grading, motion graphics and sound design.

  • Distribution

    If a video is displayed in the woods, did it ever really exist? An integral part in the life of the video campaign, Enamoured Iris makes recommendations on – and where necessary – can execute the distribution of video for the small to medium sized business.

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