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Frequently Asked Questions


While the Enamoured Iris Owlery is built in Melbourne, like the migratory activity of the great Horned Owl our video production services have global reach. We’ve produced memorable video marketing campaigns for travel and lifestyle brands across every continent but Antartica, such as this campaign for LATAM airlines.

Our core customers are Marketing Managers at lifestyle brands who need memorable video production content to reach quarterly goals. Often having worked with other Melbourne video production companies, they require a team that can translate a marketing objective into a memorable video campaign that yields the clicks and conversions their job depends on. By embedding cinematic storytelling with an actionable content marketing strategy, we boast one of the highest client retention rates in our industry.

The name ‘Enamoured Iris’ romanticises two optical relationships. The first is the link between an unblinking mechanical camera eye and its subject. The second is the human retina’s innate attraction for motion content. In each, the allure of the subject is equally powerful.

Inspired by the wisdom, beauty and playfulness of our feathered friends, we seek to breathe these attributes into every video we produce. The objectivity afforded by an owl’s aerial perspective echoes our insightful approach, while their eyes remind us of our biological predisposition for moving images. 

With the goal to make advertising as memorable as an experience at the cinema, we coined the phrase “branded cinematic experience” to define our approach of combining an insightful marketing strategy and a visually compelling narrative to content marketing. Inspired to create “microcinema”, our clients feel like an Executive Producer and their Consumers members of an audience.

A lifestyle brand is not what a company is, but what it aspires to be. Every company has the capacity to become a lifestyle brand. The hallmark of a lifestyle brand is one which inspires, guides, and motivates consumers to cement their products at the centre of their life. We drive this transition by delivering branded cinematic experiences that change the way a brand is perceived.

Generic video content is any unmemorable, mass-produced example of the moving image. Whether it’s a promotional video, kickstarter video or event video, without a distinctive voice video content is as relevant to your competitor’s brand as it is to yours. The consequences extend beyond wasted marketing dollars, generic video can unintentionally make it more difficult for consumers to differentiate the two options at the point of purchase.

Our vision is to push the evolution of storytelling by making advertising as memorable as an experience at the cinema. Greater than a Melbourne video production company, Enamoured Iris fuses the art of cinema and the science of marketing to create branded cinematic experiences. We place brands at the centre of a customer’s life because we’re inspired by the persuasive power of narrative across all means of human communication.


The Enamoured Iris client portal (“The Nest”) is our ecosystem used to hatch client campaigns, track projects and nurture all assets. It is a central source of truth that both streamlines the process of producing video for content marketing campaigns and provides an aerial perspective of a project’s status.

Marrying video production and content marketing services, The Nest provides:

  • a dedicated account manager, enabling superior customer service
  • project management tools
  • a home for strategy documentation
  • a video library
  • progress tracking
  • embedded distribution
  • analytics to track performance

It’s difficult to raise marketing campaigns alone. Direct from the Enamoured Iris Owlery, our Partners Program provides Marketing Agencies powerful, white-labelled video production packages for their clients.

As owls have evolved over time, so too have our services. To enhance the effectiveness of videos, we’ve fused content marketing and video production services. In practice, this provides marketers a sustainable source of videos for campaigns they manage in-house, or empowers them to outsource an entire video marketing campaign to our specialised team.

The specific services we provide in our pricing include: market research, content strategy, video production, video editing, video graphics/animation, video distribution and paid video promotion.

The owl to hatch from an egg is the progeny of its parents. Similarly, the type of videos we hatch depends on the business objectives that we establish together as proud parents. From increased awareness to closing sales, the video’s DNA contains both the message and the medium most likely to deliver results. Such videos might take shape as: product videos, testimonials, kickstarter videos, promotional videos, launch videos and animated explainers.

In redefining the content we deliver as a “branded cinematic experience”, video production can escape the limitations of a single frame on a device. This enables us to produce innovative brand stories. You wouldn’t keep an owl in a cage, so why do the same to your video marketing content?

Some of the more memorable formats we’ve used in creating client marketing campaigns: 

  • Vertical video & mobile-first
  • Stereoscopic 360 Video and Virtual Reality
  • Live broadcasting (2D and VR)
  • Animation


Imagine you’re a beautiful but domesticated Barn Owl. For years you’ve been fed a diet of broken promises and disappointment. Kept in captivity for too long, you just want to be free, free to fly on the wings of greatness. If only you had a partner, someone who could unclip your wings and teach you how to fly once again…

We’re that partner. Free from the conventions of regular video production companies, together we’ll hatch videographic offspring that will leave a brand legacy and fly in the face of time.


With insufficient video content, marketing campaigns fail. We enable Marketers to reach goals, with a sustainable stream of cinematic videos designed to attract, engage and convert.

With tiered pricing starting at $8K, Marketers choose one of three cinematic campaigns. Delivering a reliable stream of content for a financial quarter, the type of videos produced are based on the marketing cycle’s objective. This ecosystem is simultaneously more cost effective, more convenient and more advantageous than hiring a content creator in-house.

No. Unlike traditional video production companies, we bundle video production services and content strategy to ensure businesses reach their marketing goals. Adopting consumer research to design content, emerging technologies to reach people, and cinematic visuals to engage with audiences, our video campaigns deliver superior returns than standard corporate video productions.