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Supporting small businesses

Please know that on behalf of everyone at Enamoured Iris our thoughts are with you

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With our business dependent upon the health of yours, we want to ensure we do everything possible to make it through this together.

As a show of solidarity, below are some of the measures that will hopefully help your communications with customers, while placing you in a position to capitalise on opportunities on the other side of all this.

Actions We’re Taking

6 Second Ads – Free

As a sign of support, Enamoured Iris is providing the opportunity for small businesses to receive a free, Six Second Video for use in their communications during this uncertain time.

Fixed price for reedits – 15 seconds $395 (RRP $495)

A rise in remote working and potential for nation-wide lockdowns will see a surge in social media consumption. Nurture the health of your brand’s community and maintain engagement with a fixed price for re-edits of existing footage tailored for your social media channels.

Custom animations – 15 seconds $495 (RRP $650)

Crisis communications demand consistency and clarity in messaging. With the ability to visualise an idea and control the tone, animation can inform employees, suppliers and customers on key developments. Enamoured Iris has slashed the price of custom animations to protect your organisation and respond to events quickly.

We Want to Hear From You

Please know we’re committed to the health of your business. As everyone’s circumstances are different, if there is anything else that we can do to support you, please let us know how we can help.

After getting through this challenging period I look forward to sharing a beer with you all.

The Enamoured Iris family