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Six Second Video Advertising

In a world defined by social media induced ADD, he who holds a prescription to Ritalin is King. For everyone else, there’s Six Second Video Marketing.


The problem facing Marketers and Small Business Owners producing video content goes something like this: shy of placing someone in a solitary housing unit with walls lined with interactive LCD displays, how does a Marketing garner the attention of the viewer?


Foreseen decades ago by psychologist Herbert A. Simon, today’s video marketing landscape is defined by a “wealth of content and a poverty of attention”. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data media produced every day, the surge in new video content is compounded by two further trends, (i) the atrophy of attention spans and (ii) the emergence of novel publishing platforms competing for our attention.

Advertisers and Marketing Managers have adopted some impressive approaches to circumvent these global trends. There’s been the invasive browser popup, the creepy Facebook retargeting ads and, who can forget, the influencer marketing model. The first two methods are invasive, while influencer marketing is starting to reach an inflection point. Not only are we realising that these “woke” human billboards have never used the teeth whitening solution they’re spruiking, we’re starting to realise that following such a person is like inviting to your dinner party that second cousin who always tries to flog you cheap Tupperware.


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If only we could live in an autocratic regime where all media was run through an arbitrary process of censorship before being centralised on a single platform. We should be so lucky! Until we find ourselves in such a despotic utopia (vote #1 Zuckerberg for Overlord), we do have Six Second Video Marketing.



Enter six second video advertising. Designed to capitalise on our diminishing attention spans and hunger for video content, six second video has been gaining traction as a content format since Youtube launched their six second advertising bumpers in 2017. The new channel is encouraging a host of creative content that, in being unskippable, is becoming a powerful tool for branded communications. While some things are inescapable in life (death, taxes and Youtube pre-roll), at least we can make pre-roll enjoyable.

Not only used in Youtube bumpers, six second video content has made its way to Instagram, Facebook and video sharing websites where attention is scarce and eyeballs are plentiful. With They also make a great fit for vertical Instagram Stories. With brands, publishers and video production companies engaging in six second ads reporting a boost in revenue, the format should be on the radar for any cost conscious marketer.



With strategic storytelling in mind, we’re proud to launch Six Second Sundays. Keeping with our love of cinematic visuals and scientific approach to marketing, we’re so excited by the creative constraints of the medium that we’re giving every Marketing Manager or Small Business Owner the opportunity to receive a free six second advertisement for their brand.

Here are some gloriously short examples of six second ads we’ve already produced.

Six Second Sundays

  • Overview: Every Sunday we produce and publish a six second advertisement for a randomly selected Marketing Manager or Small Business Owner. Published on our social channels, the video is reposted on our blog with an accompanying BTS article.
  • Entry & Selection: Anyone can enter via our competition entry page. Each week one entrant is randomly selected and notified that they are the week’s lucky winner. Once finished, the winner receives an invitation to the client portal where their video is hosted.
  • Guidelines: Only stock or owned footage is permitted, one hour is spent planning and creating on Wednesday, one hour is spent editing the content, one hour is spent writing the case study that will be serve as the blog post content.


Enamoured Iris is a creative video production company producing online video content marketing for lifestyle brands in the Travel, Health and Entertainment industries. The company’s head office is known as “The Owlery” and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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