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The Top 5 Video Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Need help with your video content marketing plan? Sometimes, marketers and video production companies require more inspiration for upcoming campaigns than Tony Abbott attempting to regain his parliamentary seat.

More palatable than eating an onion, more iconic than Abbott’s ‘Speed Dealer’ sunglasses and more creative than making a generic showreel, the following five video marketing campaigns have catapulted brands into the public arena (for the right reasons) and generated real returns for their respective marketing departments. Judged principally by their creativity, these serve as a great starting point marketers looking at video marketing trends for their 2019 content marketing strategy.

1. 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation – “We Are the Champions”
Reason: Breaking convention

Few public service announcements hit as close to home as everyday people abandoning their pets. The video marketing piece, riding the cultural wave on the back of 2018’s blockbuster ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, upends our understanding of the uplifting soundtrack. Throwing the music in contrast with stomach-turning visuals and copywriting that narratively ties the piece together, it’s a sucker-punch that stirs us to action.  

2. Nike – “Dream Further”

Reason: Video editing


Not all marketing managers have a multimillion dollar budget and multinational business to play with, but if they did, their video marketing would likely look a little like this. Cinematic to the core, the video brings the intimacy of a football game to overthrow preconceived notions on gender, race, colour and nationality.

Along with impeccable direction and exceptional camera movement, the spot is a masterpiece of creative video editing. Employing match cuts, parallel editing, cutaways, smash cuts, cuts on movement, sound bridges, speed ramps and perspective shifts, in the end it’s a case study in every video editing technique you didn’t learn in film school.

3. Bubly – “Michael Bublé”

Reason: Clever scriptwriting

Your mineral water brand might not change the world or actualise the dreams of a young woman, but at least you can make your video marketing memorable. Astronomically expensive celebrity endorsement rates aside, Bubly’s modestly shot production (perhaps because they’d exhausted the marketing budget on acting and Superbowl ad placement costs), is a great example of what marketers can achieve with brand awareness advertisements. Executed in one location with few characters and straightforward editing, the piece harnesses witty dialogue that cleverly associates its brand with recognisable cultural symbols in the eyes of the audience. 

4. Dissolve – “This Is a Generic Millennial Ad”

Reason: Brand insight

Outdoing 2014’s viral “This is a Generic Brand Video”, Dissolve’s latest video production continues to champion the idea that the medium should fit the message. Comprised entirely of stock footage available from their catalogue, the biting satire undercuts all potential purchasers of Dissolve stock footage. Firstly of vain attempts by millenials to exercise individuality, secondly of desperate corporate pandering to millennial markets for profitability, thirdly of video production companies creating cliched, easily imitable promotional video content, and finally of the broader public for consuming these visuals at face value. With all three audiences potential purchasers of Dissolve stock footage, it’s a brave marketing stunt that only humour can only capable possible through incisive humour. 

5. H&R Block – Untitled Commercial

Reason: Simplicity

If your business offers a complicated suite of services or if your brand simply finds itself in what your target audience would identify as a “boring” industry (financial planning, funeral services, offshore drilling), recast your offering as a simple metaphor. While it won’t win any pretentious advertising awards, in 15 seconds H&R Block boils down the highly stressful task of taxation into a simple pain/solution scenario. With little more complicated in life than a bubbling vile of angry red liquid, the strangely soothing green cube that doubles as the company’s logo is presented as the remedy for any stress stemming from taxation accounting. 

Honourable Mention: The Palau Pledge

Reason: Creative metaphor

The tiny pacific nation of Palau faced an influx of tourists leaving an unsustainable environmental footprint within the island’s fragile ecosystem. Dependent upon the tourist economy but unable to police the volume of vacationers, Palau’s government partnered with the sustainable tourism marketing body, The Palau Legacy Project, instigated an initiative to increase individual responsibility for the environmental preservation of the island. Displayed onboard all planes arriving in Palau, the above video production was paired with permanently changed immigration laws, a new visa stamp requiring visitors to sign a declaration of environmental accountability and an updated website informing global audiences of the pledge.

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