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Our Video Production

Content Strategy

Specialising in video content strategy, we work alongside clients to identify marketing objectives, target personas, distribution channels and key performance indicators.


With an onsite owlery in our video production studio, we communicate with our proprietary owls when mining for creative insights to solve client business needs.


In-house production and post-production ensures the effective execution of the video content strategy across every stage of production; from location scouting to delivery.

Video Production Melbourne - Hero Campaign

Hero Campaign

Video Production



Video production for capstone events and emotionally fuelled content aimed at driving mass awareness. Examples include rebranding, product launches, large events and conferences.


Hub Campaign

Video Production


Regular content pushed to a specific, interested audience segment that is then syndicated through earned and owned media channels.


Hygiene Campaign

Video Production


Content tailored for customer search queries that establishes and maintains brand credibility. Examples include tutorials, product demos and FAQs.


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Enamoured Iris Video Production

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Creativity with accountability

Ever had a creative agency stop answering your emails when it became time to measure the successfulness of your campaign?

Answerability should be a crucial factor in determining a video production company for any digital marketing campaign. All Enamoured Iris creativity is grounded in specific, measurable marketing objectives to deliver a product that yields a sustainable return on client investment.

Video, only innovative

Video production companies are a dime a dozen, just ask Google search. To differentiate ourselves from a sea of camera operating competitors, Enamoured Iris specialises in video as much as we specialise in innovative ideas and emerging technologies.

With innovation at the heart of the company, a premium is placed on ideas – scaling the size of a production team based on client objectives. To see more, check out some of our earlier client campaigns.

Marketing agency insights at a lower cost

The consequence of a bloated roster is that the cost is ultimately passed onto the client. It’s nothing personal, but marketing agencies have a lot of mouthes to feed.

Staying lean while investing heavily into both content strategy and creative development in-house enables Enamoured Iris to deliver video based outcomes for digital marketing campaigns at a much smaller price than our agency friends.

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